How to Plan a Valentine’s Day Party for Kids

How to Plan a Valentine’s Day Party for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a great reason to have a few of your kid’s friends over for a fun holiday celebration! Planning a Valentine’s Day party for kids is really easy, too. Anything heart-shaped or in the red/pink color family is a good choice!

Pick Your Colors.

What colors do you want the party to have? Do you want to go traditional with red? Make it more feminine with shades of pink and purple? Or go against tradition and have a black and white themed party? It’s up to you! Just remember, the color scheme helps set the tone for the party…and it’s the first thing that people tend to notice upon arrival.

Decide on food.

Since this is a Valentine’s Day party for kids, figure out a way to make a “kid version” of a fancy dish that will appeal to little appetites. Sometimes, all you have to do is take a casserole filling and make a mini version in a cupcake pan for the kids to want to eat it!

Don’t forget dessert! Any sweets will do for Valentine’s Day. You can make a boxed cake mix taste homemade with the following tip…

Tip: There are a couple things you can do to make a boxed cake mix taste homemade:
1. Add a package of pudding powder into the dry cake mix. You can get creative with your flavor combinations, but vanilla is always a good choice.
2. Once you have your cake mix ready to pour in the pan, fold in 1 cup of sour cream. Then, pour and bake as normal.

How to Plan a Valentine's Day Party | Sweet Olivia Celebrations

Plan Activities.

I suggest three Valentine-themed games or activities that keep the party guests occupied. The type and complexity of the games will depend on the age group of kids attending the party. One of these activities should be something crafty that the children can work on as soon as they arrive at the party. If the younger children are entertained by the craft, you can quietly move the older children away to play more complicated games while the younger kids continue with the craft. Don’t forget an activity to keep the adults entertained, as well!

Plan a Take-Away.

How to Plan a Valentine's Day Party | Sweet Olivia Celebrations

No party is complete without something fun to take home and remember the party by. I am a fan of functional party favors. A functional party favor is something the party guests will use once they get home, instead of being a cheap plastic toy that will get forgotten in the car.

As with any party you plan, you have to enjoy it, also. Don’t forget to relax and take help when it is offered on the day of the party. Plan some activities to keep the adults entertained. This could simply mean offering wine and some more “adult” appetizers to pass the time.

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How to Plan a Valentine's Day Party | Sweet Olivia Celebrations


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