Unique party invitations

Unique party invitations

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One of the best ways to build excitement for a party–and ensure that people will actually show up to the party–is to have AMAZING and unique party invitations! The invitation sets the tone for the party before you’ve even bought the food. If you put time and effort into the invitation, your invited guests will (hopefully) acknowledge that and be more likely to attend the party.

In these examples below, the party hostesses went above and beyond to make their invitations amazing!

I love how Brittnay attached this brightly colored lollipop to her carnival invitations! I’m not gonna lie: I kinda wish I would have thought about this when we had a carnival party a couple years ago! The best part? The lollipops are from The Dollar Tree!

I am really wow’d by these invitations! Jamie’s son is obsessed with firetrucks, so they had his birthday party at the firefighter museum! How friggin cool is it to make these water bottles look like fire extinguishers?! I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t attend this party just to see what other ingenious ideas she has up her sleeve!

What kid wouldn’t want to attend this superhero party when they get a party favor before the party event starts?! Candy’s Custom Creations attached these super cool masks to her invitations.

If you want more fun invitation ideas, check out my Pinterest board!

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