Party Planning Checklist & Tracker

Party Planning Checklist & Tracker

When planning the next child’s birthday party, friend’s bridal shower, or cousin’s baby shower, wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple timeline to tell you exactly when to invite your guests and start planning how you will entertain them? What if that timeline also included a place to write in all your guest names, items to buy, and last minute to-dos? And, best of all, if all that was on ONE PAGE?! This party planning checklist & tracker will make it look like you have it all together, even if you mostly feel like you’re pulling your hair out all of the time!

No huge packets of information to fill out. No loose sheets to lose. Seriously. It can be done! And I’ve done it for you!

Sweet Olivia Celebrations | Party Planning Checklist & Tracker

Party Planning Checklist & Tracker Contents

Basic Party Details

Include the details you will need to refer back to time and time again like date & time, venue address, entertainment to schedule, etc.


When to start planning, send invites, confirm RSVPs, etc.

Party activities and food to be served

Space is included for listing game & activity ideas, as well as food ideas

Party Budget

This section allows you to keep track of budgeted expenses, actual costs, and whether the vendor has been paid. It also reminds you about important details (like the cake!) that you absolutely do not want to forget to include in the budget.

Guest List

This resource goes deeper than just writing some information down. It is meant to be a working document while planning the party, pulling it all off, and even after your party is over. For example, the guest list section is not just a list of friends and family you invited, you can actually track who you invited, how they RSVP’d, and if you’ve sent a ‘thank you’ note afterward!

Day Before Party To-do List

Since everyone is different and likes to prepare differently and at different times, I didn’t want to include my personal to-do list. So, I left this space blank for you to write in rooms to clean, food to make ahead, and other last minute tasks to finish the day before the party.

Day of Party To-do List

In the weeks leading up to party day, you are bound to think of minute tasks you need to remember to finish just before guests arrive. This is the place to write those tasks in so they aren’t forgotten!

After Party Reminder

Don’t forget to send ‘thank you’ cards to those that attended the party and those who sent gifts. I love an old-fashioned hand-written thank-you card! This last little corner of this worksheet reminds you to send them.

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