How to Make a Fall Popcorn Bar

How to Make a Fall Popcorn Bar

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Most Friday nights, you can find us having a relaxing evening at home with dinner and a movie. What’s a movie without popcorn? And, because I like to “plus up” our experiences and make them more special, I usually make a popcorn bar! So, last week, the kids and I were grocery shopping and we wandered into the Halloween section. Hello, inspiration!!! So, for that night’s popcorn bar, we devoured fall-inspired goodies!


fall popcorn bar


It is so easy to pull a popcorn bar together, yet it is a fun activity for everyone to create their own mix! There are three components I look for when choosing items for a popcorn bar: Salty, sweet, and crunchy.

In our house, the Salty component usually ends up being some type of nut. In this case, peanuts! I am a peanut-fanatic, so this mix I found with peanuts, peanut candies, and peanut butter chips was right up my ally. You could use plain nuts, of course. Some other ideas: Pretzels or bite-size crackers.

For the Sweet sensations, I always like to use some kind of chocolate. In this case, I chose M&Ms and chocolate malt balls (much to my husband’s dismay—he HATES them haha). I also added pumpkin candies just because of the fall theme! Any kind of candy would do here. If you are having a holiday or seasonally-themed party, this is an easy way to theme the popcorn bar, as well.

To add a satisfying Crunch, we chose cheese puffs. (As an added bonus, these came in individual packs for the kid’s school snacks.) You can use crackers, pretzels, or cereal.

To flavor the popcorn itself, we keep several popcorn seasonings on hand. These two flavors are awesome for fall: Kernel Season’s Bacon Cheddar and Cheesy Caramel Corn (ever had Chicago Mix?!). These seasonings are awesome anytime,  but especially if you don’t have all the ingredients for a complete popcorn bar!



Consider adding the fun element of a popcorn bar to your next family movie night or party. If you do, share pictures on Facebook or Instagram and tag Sweet Olivia Celebrations!

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