Easy Thanksgiving Table

Easy Thanksgiving Table

Have you ever hosted Thanksgiving dinner? Honestly, that thought scares me a bit. Yes, even me, the girl who loves to play hostess! It’s just that there is a certain expectation that goes along with Thanksgiving dinner! Nobody wants to be the one that dropped the turkey or oversalted the green beans. When we think of all that could go wrong with Thanksgiving dinner, we tend to stress over the menu instead of decorating for the party. Focusing on the food is important when cooking Thanksgiving dinner, so here are some ideas for an easy Thanksgiving table to complement the delicious meal that will be served on it.

  1. Fall Tablecloth or Table Runner     Using a tablecloth acts as a canvas for your decorative pieces. Your guests will think you know what you’re doing, whether you do or not! TIP: If your tablecloth is too small for the table, fold it into a long strip and use as a table runner, running across the width of your table.


  1. Decorations from Around the House   Gather several fall decorations from around the house to use on your table. Pumpkins, pinecones, acorns, leaves, and owls…they’re all fair game! Use a large bowl or vase to hold small items like pinecones and acorns together. TIP: Use a variety of sizes and textures to make your easy Thanksgiving table more interesting!


  1. DIY Glitter Branches  Add some height to your table with an outdoors element. Take a walk around your house and gather up some similarly sized and nicely shaped branches. Use glitter spray paint to add an unexpected touch to the branches! To increase the glitz factor, use mod podge and fine glitter instead of the spray paint. Use a tall vase to arrange your branches. TIP: Add a fall touch to a plain glass vase with some burlap and fall ribbon!



Hosting Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be stressful, especially if you follow these easy Thanksgiving table ideas. Focus on the food and fellowship and everything will work out just fine!

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