Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Family

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Family

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Valentine’s Day has long been my favorite holiday. The idea of showing love to those you care about, whether it is your spouse, family, or friends, just makes my heart swell with excitement! Yes, I show my love throughout the year also, but I do try to make Valentine’s Day extra special. Besides, everyone (yes, even the Valentine’s Day haters out there) want to be made to feel special sometimes!

With that said, as a couple and as a family, we have never spent our Valentine’s Day at fancy restaurants spending a ton of money. Nope. We make this very special holiday fun and fancy at home! Here are a few of our Valentine’s Day family traditions. Feel free to use them or start your own to make this holiday special for your family, too!

1. Decorate!

Why not decorate for Valentine’s Day?! With the Christmas season coming to an end, I bet your home feels a little bare in January, right? It is probably good to have a good decor cleanse, but once February rolls around, spice up an area of your home. If you aren’t a fan of *things* then just choose one area to decorate. Keep it simple, if that’s what you like. I usually decorate the dining room, which leads nicely into my next Valentine’s Day with family tip…

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Places to find Valentine’s Day decor:

My Amazon Valentine’s Day Store

Target (of course…what can’t you find at Target?!)

-The Dollar Tree

2. Cook a Fancy Meal

Take some time to cook a fancy meal and really WOW them with your skills! For our Valentine’s Day dinner, I buy the best quality ingredients and search for a really special recipe with new and complex flavors that just don’t make it in our everyday dinners. My favorite Valentine’s meal, by far, has been Filet Mignon with Balsamic Syrup and Goat Cheese. (Tip: If steak scares you, find a new simple pasta recipe!) And dessert can be as simple as chocolate covered strawberries (they can be store bought, I won’t tell anyone!), or fancy it up with a chocolate ganache with sliced strawberries.

Celebrating Valentine's Day

For some more special meal ideas, check out my friend Marlee at

I Just Make Sandwiches.

3. Daily Valentine’s Notes

A few years ago, my friend posted this brilliant idea on how to spread Valentine’s Day love throughout the whole month of February.each day, Before the month starts, cut out 28 heart shapes (29 if it’s leap year!). Then, every day for the whole month, write one simple statement on each heart explaining why you love a member of your family. These can be serious and heartfelt or frivolous and silly. Better yet, use a combination of those to make your wall of hearts super duper real and reflect how your family shows love to each other. You can be as simple or creative as you want to be. For the more creative at heart, set up a station with different colored hearts, crayons, and stickers and let your imagination create a new Valentine every day of the month.

Celebrating Valentine's Day

I hope I have inspired you to start some Valentine’s Day traditions with your family. It doesn’t take a lot of money or time to make this day special for them, so start brainstorming what you can do today! For more inspiration, visit my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.

Want some free Valentine’s Printables? Click here!

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