How to celebrate your community

How to celebrate your community

We should all celebrate our family, friends, and community. Why do I include the community in that list? To me, celebrating your community means getting involved. Getting involved in your community creates connections that strengthen bonds. Moreover, these stronger bonds between people create stronger bonds between communities across the world. Getting to know others in our communities allows us to create shared experiences and shared lessons learned. We are all individually better when we contribute to the whole of the community.

I have moved quite a bit in my adult life. I’ve lived in 4 different states over the past 10 years. My family and I just relocated a couple months ago, in fact. I have made community connections a priority! The only way to feel “at home” in a new place is to get to know the people of that place. With each and every move, it has helped me, my husband, and my children with the transition.

It seems simple to think of ways to celebrate our family and friends, but just how do we celebrate our community? Here are five places you can look! Click here to download 25 more specific ideas on how to celebrate community.


In Your Neighborhood

Come together with your neighbors and plan events regularly. The events can be large, involving the entire neighborhood, or small, being just you and your immediate neighbors. My neighborhood has a Facebook group that allows quick communication of concerns and events. Whatever it is, get to know your neighbors!


Volunteer Your Time

Find an organization in your community where you can donate your time or professional services. Whether it’s a cause you support or a hobby that you enjoy, you and the organization will both benefit from offering help.


Participate in Local Events

Check your community center, parks, or emergency services calendars for events to participate in! At the very least, visit your local park and meet somebody new!


With Your Children

Talking to others at your children’s activities is a natural way to make new friends and network. How often do we take our children to an event, then just sit back and watch them play? Take it to the next level and start a conversation!


Be Active

If you love exercising, use this as an opportunity to get involved, too! Network at the gym or volunteer to organize a community fun run.

Whatever options you choose, the key is to actually talk to people! Make friends, network, create conversation. This is the simple action that will create lasting community connections. If you’re shy, it will get easier! Trust me, there have been many times I felt awkward. I just kept doing it until it felt natural. You can do this! Enter your info below to get 25 more ways to celebrate your community.

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