What to do after a party

What to do after a party

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Last week, Kendra Hennessey from Mother Like A Boss shared how to clean your house before a party, but what do you do after the party is over? How do you get your house back to normal? Well, I actually don’t want you to do much immediately after the party ends. I always encourage people to relax and enjoy their own parties, but I know it hardly ever happens. Even if you are enjoying yourself, you are still refilling snacks, cleaning up messes, and making sure others are having a good time. So after your party, you are bound to be worn out!

So, the only things I want you to do immediately after the party is to throw away all the trash and put away any leftover food. That’s it. After that, sit down and relax! Like, for real. Relax for awhile. Watch some tv and have a snack. The rest of what you need to do can wait until later in the day or tomorrow.

Okay, are you refreshed yet?

There will be more trash.

After your rest, take another walk around and pick up any leftover trash. Really look in all the places people were hanging out during the party. People have a tendency to sit cups and other things down in really odd places. If you don’t look hard for them, you’ll find it when it starts to smell and grow science experiments! As you’re making your rounds, take this time to throw away any of the decorations you aren’t keeping or reselling.


Do you scrapbook?  If so, gather up any party decorations that can be used in scrapbooking like napkins, cardboard cutouts, confetti, cupcake toppers, etc. Place these in a ziplock bag to keep them clean until it’s time to add them to your scrapbook or memento box.

Get yo’ money!

Are you interested in making some money back from your party supplies? If any of the party supplies are clean and in good condition, gather them up and take pictures of each item. Then, place the items in zip lock bags to keep all items together and in good condition. In the next few days, post these items on resale sites, Facebook sale groups, and Craigslist.


Now that all the trash is thrown away and everything you want to save is put out of the way, gather all dishes left and move them to the kitchen counter. After clearing all the other surfaces, do a quick wipe down of tables and chairs. Put away any folding tables and chairs that are not a part of your everyday furniture situation. (Just go ahead and get them put away so you aren’t looking at that table three months from now! LOL) The only thing you might have left is any presents the guest of honor received. For now, just keep them in a pile somewhere out of the way.

Almost there.

At this moment, the only room that should be messy is your kitchen. You’re almost done! Wash all the dishes or load and run the dishwasher. Wipe down your kitchen counters, and then sweep and vacuum the floors.


The only thing you have left to do is deal with any presents that are still in a pile. If you need to wait until another day to tackle this, then go wait. Don’t stress about it. If the presents are for your kids, let them open all their gifts and throw away all the packaging. Give them an empty plastic bin or laundry basket to put their gifts in. This will make it easy to carry the items upstairs, without carrying any of the packaging with it!

So, that wasn’t too hard, right? Of course, don’t forget to send some thank you cards!

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